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Products & Services

Reliable fuel and service options for your home and business.

Along with prompt delivery and competitive pricing, we bring unmatched service when it comes to supplying the fuel needs of homes and businesses.

We offer automatic or will call deliveries, as well as an Equal Payment Plan to help manage heating costs. In addition, we offer worry-free installations, equipment maintenance and 24/7 emergency service.  Contact us to learn more.


Green, energy-efficient, and versatile, propane is a go-to fuel for everything from home heating to powering fireplaces, generators, and outdoor activities. It's safe and easy to manage, clean-burning and efficient.

#2 Heating Oil

A dependable fuel for indoor tanks, heating oil is a great option to fuel water heaters, furnaces and boilers. It’s safe and can be conveniently ordered and supplied. Today’s advancements in oil-fired boiler and furnace technology mean greater energy-efficiency, a warmer home and potential for lower energy costs. Every year, 7.7 million American homes rely on heating oil to stay warm in the winter.

Cranberry Grower Support

Generations of cranberry growers have come to trust Roby’s Propane Gas to power their equipment with top-quality propane and reliable delivery. Keep reading to learn about how we power cranberry growers with propane or click the button below to become a customer today.

Off-Road Diesel

We support commercial businesses in Southeastern MA, and help them succeed with reliable propane, heating oil and off-road diesel options. We know how to keep up with high demand, high-volume enterprises like yours.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you order online or call us to schedule a delivery, we will provide your deliver-by-date.

The minimum delivery is 150 gallons.

For information about service, please click here and complete a form or you can always call us.

For information on what to do if you need emergency service, please click here.

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