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Pricing Programs

We strive to help you manage your heating costs with a Payment Plan that allows you to budget for your fuel needs over the course of the year.

Equal Payment Plan

To help in budgeting your heating costs, Roby’s Propane Gas offers an Equal Payment Plan. When you sign up for an Equal Payment Plan, your annual heating cost is spread over the number of program season months you are enrolled. This provides you with predictable monthly payments. For example, if you enroll in the plan in June and your annual heating cost is estimated to be $1,200, we will divide $1,200 by 11 – the number of program season months. In this case, your monthly payment would be approximately $110 per month for 11 months. Please note: this program does not offer price protection.

Automatic Payments

You can set up your monthly payment plan amount to be automatically charged to your credit card.

To review plan options or to enroll, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing programs traditionally start in June.

There are many benefits of automatic delivery to include not needing to watch your fuel gauge, having Roby's Propane Gas schedule your deliveries for you, and not needing to find time to contact us to schedule a delivery. Customers on a pricing program are required to be on automatic delivery.

Yes, pricing programs are available for heating oil and propane.